Hi Everybody!

I have been a busy bee lately, organizing something that I should do more often. Let me explain properly.

I am SO messy, disorganized and pretty darn lazy. My room has lately turned into the most disgusting mess with closets and drawers overflowing with stuff and I am fed up with it. I decided to finally just push myself and completely clean out all of the junk in my room. I have decided to give it a huge new makeover but to do that I have to clean it out first. Due to school, laziness and homework I couldn’t clean out everything on one day. To make me actually do the work I have decided to space it out and do a chunk each night. So far I am pleased with myself and it feels SOOOO refreshing to have things neat. (TRUST ME!)

Jamming to my favorite tunes as I dance around clearing things out is actually more fun than you would think. I love listening to music and it makes cleaning way more enjoyable. I have already culled so many clothes from my wardrobe and all of it is going to the Op Shop. Whenever I finish a chunk I get the best feeling of achievement. I challenge all of you to try and do this as well and let me know how everything goes. You will be surprised by the treasures you find while cleaning as well!

*Virtual Hugs!!* xoxox0

Miss Wanderlust



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