I have a big problem. I can’t sleep. It has been this way for my entire life but only recently has it completely taken over. Every night I try to lie in bed, relax and fall asleep and then a terrifying thought will pop into my mind and I’ll break into a sweat and start to panic. I feel like something is there in my room but it isn’t. I usually get an average of 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night and it’s killing me. I can’t focus in school and being someone who is fairly uptight and stressed, this causes me to feel under extreme pressure. I feel like the world is moving too fast and I am just slowly stumbling behind. I can’t. I am so afraid to close my eyes at any given moment and when the panic starts to set in, it takes me so long to recover. Every day, my eyes are bloodshot and dark circles cast a gloomy effect over my face. I can’t stop crying because my life feels like it is falling apart. I was trying to finish homework and I just couldn’t because I didn’t understand any of the content as I cannot focus in class. Sorry for the depressing post, I needed to get this out.

Miss Wanderlust


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