I have a big problem. I can’t sleep. It has been this way for my entire life but only recently has it completely taken over. Every night I try to lie in bed, relax and fall asleep and then a terrifying thought will pop into my mind and I’ll break into a sweat and start to panic. I feel like something is there in my room but it isn’t. I usually get an average of 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night and it’s killing me. I can’t focus in school and being someone who is fairly uptight and stressed, this causes me to feel under extreme pressure. I feel like the world is moving too fast and I am just slowly stumbling behind. I can’t. I am so afraid to close my eyes at any given moment and when the panic starts to set in, it takes me so long to recover. Every day, my eyes are bloodshot and dark circles cast a gloomy effect over my face. I can’t stop crying because my life feels like it is falling apart. I was trying to finish homework and I just couldn’t because I didn’t understand any of the content as I cannot focus in class. Sorry for the depressing post, I needed to get this out.

Miss Wanderlust



Hi Everyone,

Today I am addressing something that I KNOW many of you will relate to. Binge watching TV shows. I am guilty of this more often every day and I’m not sure why. We live in a beautiful world! I wonder why I don’t really pay attention to that fact as much as I should. Back to the point. I have been on Netflix so often lately that it has become part of my daily schedule. My top picks at the moment are Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Riverdale and just randomly picking movies to watch.  I have become seriously obsessed with these TV shows. Over the course of a few months, I have finished too many seasons of these shows to even count. It is bad. I myself, am a very deep person and I become so emotionally attached to the characters. I have found myself crying my eyes out because these characters become part of my life. As strange as it sounds, I feel like they are my friends. My current top 3 favorite characters are Jughead Jones (Riverdale), Eleven (Stranger Things) and Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls). If any of you share my love for these amazing characters LET ME KNOW! Also, Season 2 of Stranger Things is coming on 31/10/17. Riverdale Season 2 is coming on 11/10/17. I can’t contain my joy! 🙂

Virtual Hugs xoxoxo

Miss Wanderlust

Being Online.

Hi Everyone,

I have been wandering over the internet lately (as usual!) and I have discovered that being part of the online community is something I really love. It makes me feel happy and like I have friends all over the world, even if I have never met some of the people I discover online. For example, sometimes when I watch Youtube I feel like all of the Youtuber’s are my friends. It may sound a little strange to some people because many believe that friends have to be people you talk to all the time. I have never felt that way and love connecting to everyone online. As our generation are always using technology, it has become a huge part of our lives. We use it to connect with people all over the world! Stop to think about that for a second. It’s pretty amazing right? Through one click of a button, we can talk to and communicate with anyone in the world! Also, listening to music online? That sums up my life right there! Blasting out Spotify whenever I want has become part of my daily routine and my current favorite (and forever favorite) artist is Michael Jackson. He is a complete and utter legend. Seriously though check him out. Also,  talking about being online, I started up a Twitter page for my blog! I’ll link it below.

Hugs and squeezes xx

Miss Wanderlust

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Hi Everybody!

I have been a busy bee lately, organizing something that I should do more often. Let me explain properly.

I am SO messy, disorganized and pretty darn lazy. My room has lately turned into the most disgusting mess with closets and drawers overflowing with stuff and I am fed up with it. I decided to finally just push myself and completely clean out all of the junk in my room. I have decided to give it a huge new makeover but to do that I have to clean it out first. Due to school, laziness and homework I couldn’t clean out everything on one day. To make me actually do the work I have decided to space it out and do a chunk each night. So far I am pleased with myself and it feels SOOOO refreshing to have things neat. (TRUST ME!)

Jamming to my favorite tunes as I dance around clearing things out is actually more fun than you would think. I love listening to music and it makes cleaning way more enjoyable. I have already culled so many clothes from my wardrobe and all of it is going to the Op Shop. Whenever I finish a chunk I get the best feeling of achievement. I challenge all of you to try and do this as well and let me know how everything goes. You will be surprised by the treasures you find while cleaning as well!

*Virtual Hugs!!* xoxox0

Miss Wanderlust


Spare Time

Hi Everyone!

Everyone has spare time but some people have more of it. I have a lot because I’m so lazy. In my spare time, I watch Netflix, Eat LOTS of food and ponder about why I’m so lonely and strange. Lately I have been binge watching Gossip Girl which is the BEST Netflix series I have ever watched. It’s so good. In the back of my mind I still wish that wasn’t what I’m doing. I wish that I could be out, doing something productive and fun. I’m not an outgoing person or an extrovert. But that’s what I want. This is ANOTHER pointless and short blog post but I have nothing better to do.

Hugs to everyone! xx

Miss Wanderlust

My Mind

Hi Everyone!

Well, to be honest no one actually reads this. Anyway, I’m writing about my mind. My mind is a factory of thoughts that bounce around my head. Sometimes one of these thoughts will bounce to my mouth and I’ll blurt out something weird. I’m sure that someone can relate to this. Honestly, my thoughts aren’t very interesting. So when I blurt out one of my thoughts, I seem a little crazy to the people around me. That’s why I sit home and write Blog Post’s instead of spending time with people. Oh well.

Sometimes I wonder about other peoples mind. Everyone is different so I’m curious to what other people think about. Probably important things. Very unlike me.

I know this is short but I don’t have much else to say so I guess I’ll give you a virtual hug! *Squeeze!*.  Bye!

Miss Wanderlust


Hi Everyone!

I’m so sorry it’s been SO LONG since my last blog post! Anyways. What I’m talking about today is Bloggers. There are so many people out there who blog. Just like me! I follow loads of blogs and love to read about peoples feelings and just other random things.

I really understand that there are SOOOOO many bloggers out there, it makes things hard when you’re trying to be individual. At least, that’s how I feel. I like to chat to people and blog about my daily life, thoughts and LOADS of completely random stuff! I really want to be original here and make an enjoyable blog.

Here are some other Bloggers who I enjoy reading.

  1. Someone Online-
  2. Zoella-
  3. IntellectualWiseGirl-

Sorry for the short post! I’ve been SO busy lately.

MANY Hugs! xx



Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I posted my first EVER blog post. Today’s post is about something all of us need a bit of. At least I do anyway! Now let me tell you about my Inspiration to write a Blog.

Many of you will know, the British Blogger, Vlogger, Youtuber and rising star, Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella. She writes her own Blog and it was what inspired me to write mine! It feels so natural and I really love it. She has inspired me so much already through my life and I’m sure she will continue to do that. (Link to her blog below! xx)

Do you guys ever know that feeling of being I art class, staring at blank paper in front of you and just feeling like you have absolutely nothing to do with it? I do sometimes. I know well and truly that Creativity is always key. My motto is to always be unique and original. Although I love a bit of good inspiration to do things!

I am inspired all the time by People, Pictures, Books and MUCH more every day! I know all of you are as well, even if you aren’t conscious of it. I feel extremely fortunate to have Inspiration all around me. I hope all of you are too!

Love you ALL! xx


( Copy this into your search bar for Zoe’s Blog! xx)

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My First Blog Post!

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I will be posting daily about DIY Projects, other fun topics and I’ll probably ramble on about my life too. I love things that are unique and original. I try to be creative, and different and of course just me. I don’t really have any goals for this blog. I just need somewhere to write down my feelings and just express myself in a new and exciting way.

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day. xx